Balanced Life on the Go Podcast


Podcast #11 Your Feet are Your Foundation
Podcast #10 Are Your Hormones Driving You Crazy?

Podcast #9 Getting Control of Your Stress by Getting Control of You!

Podcast #8 Aging Gracefully with Guest Mary Rather, RN

Podcast #7 The 3 Biggest Postural Problems

Podcast #6 Food is Medicine – Guest Kyla Gavlin, Nutritionist & Registered Dietician at Rescue Remedy Health & Wellness

Podcast #5 Adrenal Exhaustion & Recovery


Podcast #4 Immediate Massive Action – Guest Tyler Ervin, Owner of Militia Fitness


Podcast #3 What is the Purpose of Therapy?


Podcast #2 50 Million People are Doing IT.  Are YOU?


Podcast #1 Balanced Life on the Go!