Chiropractor Asheville – A Real Thirst Quencher

Maple water the raw, unprocessed sap from maple trees may be maple farmers’ best-kept, thirst-quenching secret. Watch this video now to learn some reasons to tap into this lightly-sweet, all-natural drink. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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Asheville Chiropractor – Young Readers Benefit from Omega 3 and Omega 6

Hello!  It’s Dr. Nicole Lindsey, your Asheville Chiropractor!  Are you interested in boosting your child’s ability to read?  If so, check this out!  A new study found that not only children with attention disorders, but all kids can benefit from this supplement.  In our office we recommend supplements for brain health in addition to chiropractic adjustments.  Watch the video to learn more!

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Chiropractor Asheville – Detox Diets, Money Down the Drain?

Detoxification or detox diets are marketed and promoted for weight loss, toxin elimination, and general good health. Toxins, in the context of these diets, are defined loosely as anything from pollutants and other chemicals to heavy metals and damaged dietary fats and proteins. Researchers decided to examine the science for evidence of their effectiveness and published their findings in a 2015 review. Watch this video now to learn if detox diets are money down the drain. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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Chiropractor Asheville – Are you taking Melatonin to Sleep?

Hello!  It’s your Asheville Chiropractor, Dr. Nicole Lindsey!  Are you taking Melatonin to sleep?  If you are, you may want to hear this information.  Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates the human biological clock.  Taking melatonin often may not be a sensible long-term solution to your sleep woes. If you are not sleeping, let us know so we can help you find the cause.  One of the mot common causes of sleep disturbances is week adrenal glands. We can help your strengthen them and get back to restful sleeping.  Listen to this video to hear more about melatonin.

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Chiropractor Asheville – Good Fats, Bad Fats

Recent research suggests that weight control isn’t quite as simple as calories in, calories out. Watch this video now to learn more. You may need more fat in your diet and not even know it. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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Chiropractor Asheville – 3 Tips to Clear Your Migraines

Are you ready to clear your mind of migraines?  If so, pay attention.  Although migraine headaches in general can be common, they are not normal. There are many type of headaches.  Migraines are a throbbing, pulsating sensation that is felt in one area of the head and typically refers to other areas.  These can be debilitating and understanding the cause may help clear your mind of them.


One of the first concepts to grasp in order to clear your mind of migraines is that your body communicates to you all the time.  Your body is a master communicator.  We just need to learn to listen to it.  Your body communicates health and happiness.  It does this by allowing you to have healthy sleep patterns, happy mood and thoughts, properly functioning bowels and increased energy levels.  Your body also communicates ill health.  This is expressed by weak immune systems, bowel disorders, poor mood, low energy and even migraine headaches.   If you are experiencing a symptom, know that your body is communicating poor health.  Taking medication is one way to address this imbalance, but may not be necessary.

When it comes to migraines, we can help get the body and mind back in balance by following these 3 Self- Care Steps:

  1. Find the Trigger to the Migraine. One of the most common triggers of migraines is uncontrolled blood sugar.  Spikes in blood sugar is also known as hypoglycemia.  Food such as refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol are the main culprits.  Eliminating these foods can eliminate the trigger of the migraine.
  2. Learn to Eat Right. Our digestive system is very closely connected to our immune system and our overall health.  The healthier our digestive tract is, the more health your body will express.  Food allergies can be one way our guts become imbalanced.  The most common food allergens are corn, soy, wheat, sugar and cow’s milk.  In order to find out if your migraines are caused by a food allergy, you can perform an elimination diet.  This is accomplished by eliminating all five of these foods for a period of time.  Then add one food group in at a time and monitor your body’s reactions.  What is your body communicating to you?  If you experience a migraine when you eat wheat, then you now know how to eat right!
  3. Add These Supplements
  • Magnesium – 360-600 mg a day.  Migraine sufferers tend to havelower magnesium levels, compared with health people.  The American diet is rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids, which strip the body of magnesium.  Adding this supplement may help to reduce migraine frequency and symptoms.
  • Vitamin D & Calcium – Taking large amounts of calcium and Vitamin D has been shown to reduce symptoms of migraines.
  • L-Tryptophan – Research shows that people who suffer with migraines have abnormally low levels of serotonin on their brains during an attack. L-Tryptophan has an effect on serotonin level and can ward off migraines.

Click here to learn more about more information on Migraines.

In addition to these 3 Self Care Steps, consider having your spinal alignment checked by a Chiropractor.  A healthy spine is straight from the front and back view.  From the side, the spine should demonstrate curves in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions.  The cervical curve is often times reduced, and in some cases reversed in migraine headache sufferers.  This malposition will cause the muscles in the back of the head and neck to tighten up.  The longer this misalignment remains untreated, the more likely trigger points will develop in the muscles.

The combination of reduced cervical curve, tight muscles and trigger points, causes pressure on nerves in the head and neck.  This pressure causes the symptom of a migraine.  This is known as a subluxation.  Chiropractors remove subluxations by restoring the cervical curve, which will reduce spasms and trigger points.  Chiropractic care has been shown to reduce and eliminate migraines.

Combining the 3 Self Care Steps with chiropractic care is a very effective way to clear your mind of migraines naturally.  To see a video testimony of a patient that cleared her mind of migraines, CLICK below.

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Chiropractor Asheville – Spinal Care – Chiropractic versus Medicine

There is a significant lack of musculoskeletal training in medical school. Less than 1⁄2 of 122 US medical schools require a preclinical course in musculoskeletal medicine, less than 1⁄4 require a clinical course, and nearly 1⁄2 have no required preclinical or clinical course. How does chiropractic stack up? Watch this video now and find out. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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Chiropractor Asheville – Vitamin D, are they all created equal?

A new single-blind study has found that vitamin D3 supplements may be better than vitamin D2 supplements at sustaining vitamin D blood levels. D2, also called ergocalciferol, and D3, also called cholecalciferol, are different forms of vitamin D that have similar, though not identical, actions in the body. Watch this video now to learn more. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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Chiropractor Asheville – Heart Disease Risk Formula Wrong?

Five to six times as many people may be prescribed drugs like cholesterol-lowering statins who won’t necessarily benefit from them. Watch this video now because you may be one of those people. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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Chiropractor Asheville – ADHD, Autism, is there help?

Studies show that chiropractic adjustments in babies may help to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders like Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), ADHD, and Autism which is often caused by damage to the spine during the trauma of birth. If you or anyone you know has children, watch this video now. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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