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At Back in Balance, Dr. Nicole Lindsey and her staff offer effective treatment options for many chronic conditions including pinched nerves and sciatica. The doctor and her staff serve the residents of Asheville, NC and many of the surrounding communities.

Sciatica Q&A

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Can Physical Therapy Benefit Sciatica and Pinched Nerves?

Sciatica and pinched nerves involve some type of damage or injury to the nerve that results in an irritation that is characterized by numbness, tingling, and varying degrees of pain and discomfort. Physical therapists can choose specific exercises that will help to strengthen the injured area, as well as improve blood flow that allows the area to heal. Exercise reduces inflammation that is impinging or putting pressure on the nerves and tissues. As the inflammation dissipates and the nerve is allowed to receive freshly oxygenated blood, healing can begin. With healing underway, physical therapists can continue to add more exercises to rebuild tissues in the area and improve overall function.

Can Chiropractic Care and Triggerpoint Therapy be Used to Effectively Treat Sciatica?

Chiropractic adjustments and triggerpoint therapy go hand in hand. Chiropractic works to restore proper skeletal position, while triggerpoint therapy addresses particular points of pain that need to be addressed. With the sciatic nerve being damaged, pain can continue to worsen and quality of life will be impacted. When the sciatic nerve is pinched or being irritated in some way, inflammation can result. With the use of both chiropractic adjustments and triggerpoint therapy, the inflammation can be reduced rather quickly, restoring blood flow and allowing the nerve to receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to work through the healing process.

Will Losing Weight Relieve Sciatic Pain?

In some cases, sciatic pain can be the result of obesity. Excess weight can put pressure on the sciatic and other nerves as they leave the spine. The more weight a person carries, the more damage that may be caused to the nerve itself. If obesity gets to the point where the person's mobility is affected, they may not realize the damage they are causing to their nerves. Constant pressure on the sciatic nerve can result in numbness, tingling, a feeling of pins and needles, and irritating pain that can radiate outward from the site of the injury. If the patient is willing to lose weight, this will begin to alleviate the pressure off of the nerve and allow the person to become more mobile. The more mobile they become, the less severe the symptoms of sciatica will be.


At Back In Balance, we accept the majority of health insurance plans. In the event that you do not have health insurance, we do offer affordable care plans. Please do not hesitate to call us if you do not see yours listed or have any other questions!

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    "Back In Balance and Dr Nicole and Becky have helped me tremendously. I'm starting to feel much better. Im pretty much off my pain meds. Which is a great accomplishment."

    Jerry C.
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    "I love the care that I receive from Dr. Nicole! She is very attentive to my needs and is very easy to talk to. Thank you so much!"

    Anna K.
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    "From minute I called things were wonderful. Friendly, reassuring and professional. I feel much better this evening and very grateful."

    Tish P.
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