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Dr. Nicole Lindsey and the staff of Back in Balance offer many alternative therapies that provide long-lasting and effective relief for various types of back pain. The facility serves the residents of Asheville, NC, and many nearby communities.

Back Pain Q&A

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What is the Main Cause of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is commonly caused by improper lifting techniques that are used either at home or in the workplace. Lifting heavy objects with the back instead of the legs, abdomen, and arms can result in strains to the back muscles and damage to the connective tissues that support the spine. Lifting large boxes improperly can make them awkward to hold onto increasing the risk of injuring the back and the arms. Back pain can also be caused by lifting large items that shift, causing the person to move in an unnatural manner to maintain control of the object without dropping it. Quick or jerky movements while the muscles are under stress can result in pulls or strains.

How can Decompression Therapy Help?

During a back injury, the vertebra is sometimes forced together in various ways causing bulging or herniated discs. Decompression therapy works by gently separating the discs allowing more space for the discs to gradually shift back into place. This type of therapy not only moves the bones of the spine but also helps to straighten the connective tissues and take pressure off of the soft tissues that work to support the spine. With the pressure and inflammation removed, blood flow is restored and the tissues are able to move and function as they are supposed to. Adding the additional room between the vertebra creates a vacuum that helps to restore form and function to the spine.

Can Myofascial Trigger point Therapy Offer Relief When Used in Conjunction With a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Back pain is the result of both spinal and soft tissue trauma. With that being said, chiropractic adjustments help to restore function to the spine and myofascial trigger point therapy works to pinpoint targeted areas and improve circulation. Including a triggerpoint therapy along with a chiropractic adjustment helps to enhance the effects of the treatment, and relieves pain and discomfort. If the skeletal structure has been out of alignment for any length of time, it can take several adjustments to restore its original balance. By adding triggerpoint therapy, the pain and discomfort is readily addressed allowing the healing process to move forward.


At Back In Balance, we accept the majority of health insurance plans. In the event that you do not have health insurance, we do offer affordable care plans. Please do not hesitate to call us if you do not see yours listed or have any other questions!

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    "Back In Balance and Dr Nicole and Becky have helped me tremendously. I'm starting to feel much better. Im pretty much off my pain meds. Which is a great accomplishment."

    Jerry C.
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    "I love the care that I receive from Dr. Nicole! She is very attentive to my needs and is very easy to talk to. Thank you so much!"

    Anna K.
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    "From minute I called things were wonderful. Friendly, reassuring and professional. I feel much better this evening and very grateful."

    Tish P.
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